Watch Suade An Australian Acappela Group Perform A Mesmerizing Cover Of Chris Isaak’s “Wicked Game”

As we progress technologically, it only makes sense that music follows us and allows us to create entirely new experiences with whatever advancements we create. Some are more obvious than others: better lighting and visual effects at shows such as Tool’s 2022 arena tour, and some are a little less obvious, such as the ability to seamlessly loop audio.

Enter Suade, an Australian acapella outfit that focuses on the latter of those two examples. Sometimes, an electronic music group comes along that completely mesmerizes with their originality and creativity. There are acts out there that deserve significantly more attention due to their novel approaches to the musical form, and Suade is one such act. Their live looping abilities are something to behold, as seen in their performance of Chris Isaak’s “Wicked Game”:

The outfit looks fairly regular at first glance. Acapella percussions and basslines begin as the suit-cladded quartet commences their performance, but quickly we realize that there is something extra about them. They quickly use their acapella capabilities and live audio looping to create the background of Isaak’s iconic track, and gradually build it into the belting classic that it is today, complete with silky vocals and entrancing melodies.

Live looping has become somewhat of a trend as of late, but several artists have become bastions for this eclectic and incredibly challenging approach to music. One of the standouts is Jo Quail, an internationally renowned composer who has made her live looping into haunting, yet beautiful, compositions that belong in both classical music and metal. She is a true master of her craft and a sign that innovation can be found everywhere. Watch her mesmerizing performance of “Mandrel Cantus” at Hellf

Suade hasn’t just covered soothing classics in their long active history. Amongst their entertaining performances, they also opted for a Michael Jackson classic: “The Way You Make Me Feel”. This one was particularly impressive as its percussive moments are sharp and crisp, yet this outfit manages to execute this feel-good anthem from the King Of Pop with apparent ease.

Unfortunately, it seems that this particular acapella group does not perform as much nowadays. Commenters on YouTube videos and the band’s social media all mention that they miss the outfit, so hopefully they will make a true return to the stages one day. In 2023, they performed at Yea Town Hall in Australia, but their social media does not seem to mention any other performances.

These kinds of acts, with their hefty social interaction onstage and slightly comedic approach to music, are a rare breed and one that should be cherished. If there is a band in your local area that does something a little outside of the box and wants to make you smile in the process, support them. A single ticket could make or break a band, and more artists out there bringing cheer to all is a vital ingredient for a happier world. If you would like to see more from Suade, you can subscribe to their YouTube channel or follow them on Facebook.

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