Norfolk State University Marching Band Sure Know How To Put On A Show

Musicians from Norfolk State University have created a “Spartan-like” marching band and it’s pretty cool to watch! They dress up in the full “Spartan” gear and have been caught on video marching numerous times.

The multi-award-winning marching band from Norfolk, VA, USA have incredible moves, discipline, and talent running through their “Spartan-Like” blood. The band performed at Barack Obama Presidential campaign rally in Norfolk and create “the enthusiasm” for players and fans at all the Norfolk State football games.

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The band is self-acclaimed to be the “biggest organization on campus”, which isn’t any surprise looking at the detail and organization throughout their performances.

The band isn’t a new project, they have a rich history of performances and parades dating back to the 1980s. Some more notable performances: The band performed in 1987 at the Philadelphia Parade commemorating the 200th anniversary of the American Constitution and in 2003, the band performed at Mardi Gras in the Rex Parade in New Orleans, Los Angeles.

The legion is also the original host of HBCU band Battlefest. “HBCU” stands for “historically black colleges and universities” which are institutions of higher education in the United States. The HBCU “Battlefest” is an annual event that spotlights 10 HBCU marching bands and command performances in San Diego, CA; Bermuda and New York, NY.

The band is currently under the direction of “Mr. William Beathea”, every year the Spartan Legion grows a larger and stronger fan base spreading their great musical tradition and talents everywhere they march. The video below is a full performance of the “Spartan Legion”.

Spartan “Legion” Marching Band has multiple musical sections including, Piccolos, Clarinets, Saxophones, Trumpets, Mellophones, Euphoniums, Trombones, Tubas, Percussion, Drum Majors, Flags/Spartan Guards, and Dancers.

If you want to see more from the awesome university marching band follow their Facebook page for more updates. You can also visit < a href=””>their website here.

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