Simon Cowell Steps In To Save Dog Trainer Sara Carson After Epic Swashbuckling Audition

Simon Cowell showed he was all heart on America’s Got Talent when he saved dog trainer Sara Carson’s audition. Sara and her talented pooch Hero gave an epic swashbuckling audition on the show, but it was met with a stony reception by judges Howie Mandel and Mel B. Luckily, Cowell was there to save the day, and his faith in the dynamic duo was rewarded, as they eventually made it all the way to the season finale!

Sara had trained Hero to do an adorable performance with a pirate theme. The pair did a fun routine together where they played at sword fighting and weaved in and out together in a graceful dance. The routine had a remarkable complexity to it and the amount of training for Hero to learn it all boggles the mind. The audition attracted 9 million views on YouTube, as you can see below.

Sara and Hero’s routine was a big hit with the audience, and all the judges had grins of childlike joy on their faces as they watched. However, Howie Mandel gave it a cold reception afterwards, comparing the routine to the dinner entertainment at the Medieval Times diner chain. The audience booed the comedian, although Mel B came down on Mandel’s side, and said she wasn’t impressed.

Cowell was having none of this, and retorted with “They had a sword fight! I’ve never seen a dog have a sword fight with its owner before.” Mandel and Mel B still voted no however, much to the chagrin of the audience. Sara was upset by this point, and Cowell took the stage and made a personal plea for Mandel and Mel B to change their minds. Sara and Hero gave several hit appearances on the show, with one of their subsequent performances attracting 10 million views on YouTube.

With Sara fighting back tears at this point, Cowell implored his fellow judges, “Trust me on this. I saw something you didn’t see.” With the audience 100% behind Cowell, Mandel finally had a change of heart and gave a yes vote for Sara and Hero. Heidi Klum was already convinced just by the audition alone and gave a yes. This, combined with Cowell’s vote, gave Sara and Hero three yes votes and sent them through to the next round!

The duo’s time on season 12 of America’s Got Talent was quite successful, as they eventually placed fifth overall in the season. If you would like to see more from this talented dog trainer and her amazing pooch Hero, you can follow Sara Carson on [Facebook]( or [Instagram](

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