Is Sierra Boggess The Best Christine Daaé Ever In The Phantom Of The Opera?

Many stage legends have taken on the role of The Phantom of the Opera’s leading lady, Christine Daaé, but few have done it with the style that Sierra Boggess brings to the role. The American Broadway star made that abundantly clear with her performance of “Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again” and “The Phantom of the Opera” at the Classic BRIT Awards. The soprano sang alongside Canadian star Ramin Karimloo, who played the menacing Phantom.

Daaé’s parts are notoriously difficult, but Boggess made it all look so natural. The performance was an excellent showcase for her superb range and signature vibrato. She also has the stage presence and acting chops to pull off such an iconic character in style. The two songs she sang at the Classic BRIT Awards also required a very different dramatic range, which she managed effortlessly.

Boggess’s version of “Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again” and “The Phantom of the Opera” attracted 6.3 million views on YouTube. This made the performance the most popular live version of the former song on the platform by a substantial amount. Eagle-eyed viewers will note that the genius behind The Phantom of the Opera, Andrew Lloyd Webber, was present at the event and can be seen on the left of the shot at 4:02 in the video.

Many fans online noted that she is arguably the best Christine Daaé ever. Fans added comments such as “She casts a spell over the audience, making them feel as though they are actually in the story. She’s a phenomenal actress” and “The problem with Boggess as Christine is that she set such a high standard of excellence that all past, current, and future Christines are going to be compared to her.” Another popular video featuring Boggess and Karimloo is their take on “The Point of No Return.”

Boggess and Karimloo performed at the Classic BRIT Awards on October 2, 2012. The pair worked together on the original London run of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Love Never Dies, which opened on March 9, 2010. Love Never Dies is the sequel to The Phantom of the Opera, and Boggess and Karimloo played Daaé and the Phantom respectively.

The duo reprised their roles in 2011 at the 25th anniversary event, The Phantom of the Opera at the Royal Albert Hall, where they sang “The Point of No Return”. Webber spoke onstage at the event, and the show also featured performances from the cast of the original London and Broadway runs of The Phantom of the Opera.

If you’re a fan of Sierra Boggess’s exceptional talent as displayed in her performances of “Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again” and “The Phantom of the Opera” at the Classic BRIT Awards, be sure to stay connected with her on social media. You can follow Sierra Boggess on her official Facebook and Instagram pages.

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