Sian Pattison A Shy Mother Who Impressed The Nation With Her Vocals

Standing in front of the judges on Britain’s Got Talent is a hugely nerve-wracking experience, and for someone who suffers from stage fright, it must be so daunting it’s almost impossible. Sian Pattison, who appeared in season 11, can speak from personal experience.

Luckily for her, Sian Pattison’s daughter took matters into her own hands. She sent in her mum’s application after she could not summon up the courage to do it herself. When Sian appeared on the famous stage she was obviously absolutely terrified. It looked like she’d gone through it all for nothing when Simon stopped her mid-way through her song.

She was lucky, though, as Simon was moved to give her another chance. He felt that the choice of song was wrong as it was too happy. He was looking for a song packed with emotion to show off her singing ability. He asked Sian to sing “With You” from Ghost the Musical. The moment she opens her mouth, it’s clear that it was an inspired choice.

Sian is a beautiful singer, and singing this song she seems to open up live onstage. What makes the performance even more beautiful is when the camera cuts to Sian’s daughter. She looks at her mum with so much love and pride and it warms your heart to watch. The judges certainly seem tio feel the song suits Sian better. Simon tells her that she seemed so much more relaxed and that they were listening to who she really is.

David Walliams agreed saying “It was like watching a caterpillar turn into a butterfly.” Sian was unanimously put through to the next round but unfortunately she did not progress to the semi-finals. Following her audition, several sites ran stories explaining that she was not an amateur. Although she was working as an accounts manager when she appeared on the show, in the past she was trained in piano, keyboard, flute, voice and musical theatre. She had also performed in an ABBA tribute band called Strictly ABBA.

This led to many accusations of her performance and he nerves being “a con”. Reports suggest that due to this coverage, Sian did not continue on BGT. This seems a real shame as Sian can sing beautifully and is extremely talented. In BGT and other talent shows, there have been contestants that have previously had professional experience. For example, in the first season of The Voice, a former member of the popular boyband Five auditioned.

It must also be stated that being a professional does not mean you never get nervous. Steve Clark, one of the original guitarists for Def Leppard, was legendary for the degree of stage fright he suffered. It’s very sad Sian’s appearance on the show may have been cut short due to innuendo and supposition. Let’s hope she hasn’t given up on her singing as she has too much talent to waste.

Once you’ve enjoyed Sian’s beautiful voice, check out Alice Fredenham, another talented singer who also suffers from stage fright, but overcomes it and blows away the judges. If you would like to see more from Sian Pattison, you can subscribe to their YouTube channel or follow them on Facebook or Instagram.

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