Santiago Moreno Incredible Retro One Man Band

Santiago Moreno is a retro one-man-band from Buenos Aires, Argentina. This could possibly be one of the best one-man bands you’ve ever come across, he has mastered his style and performance perfectly.

Although he is originally from Buenos Aires, the Argentinian musician is now living and performing in France. With a drum kit strapped to his back and his fantastic fingerstyle guitar style, Santiago has been mesmerising people on the street with his unique performances.

Take a look at the video below taken from Santiago’s YouTube channel. The video was uploaded in 2020 and has received over 23,000 views.

He produces a full band sound with just one guitar and a whole lot of ingenuity. If you want to see more from this very talented one-man band go and subscribe to his YouTube channel to keep up to date with his latest performances and videos.

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