Sammer Salah Incredible Electric Guitarist From Egypt

Sammer Salah has a guitar soloing technique which is unique and a pleasure to listen to. He has been seen busking on the streets of Milan although originally from Egpyt.

Sammer is from Alexandria, a Mediterranean port city in Egypt. He says his musical inspirations come from musicians such as Bob Dylan, Robert Johnson, Sayed Darwich, The Beatles, Baligh Hamdy, and The Doors. In the video below, Sammer plays “Johnny Winter Blues” with incredible energy and style.

Below is another brilliant video of Sammer, this time busking but still playing some extremely infectious Rock ‘n’ Roll blues. The video Sammer has uploaded to his YouTube channel and named “Love Will Die Rock ‘n’ Roll Will Not”.

If you want to see more from this wonderful guitarist follow him on Facebook and Instagram or subscribe to his YouTube channel.

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