Roni & Rhythm: The Adorable Dancing Dog Audition Stealing Hearts On America’s Got Talent

Dancing dogs are guaranteed winners on the TV talent show circuit. First, it was Ashley and her super-cute crossbreed Pudsey: Britain’s Got Talent’s first canine superstar and winners of the 2012 season. Three years later, Jules O’Dwyer & border-collie Matisse stole the BGT crown. Then America’s Got Talent found its very own canine celeb — Hurricane and pro dog trainer Adrian Stoica, winners of the 2023 season.

But, just when we thought we’d seen it all before, Roni & Rhythm’s dancing dog act blew the rest out of the water with their incredible audition on AGT’s current season!

The duo’s routine saw Roni’s airy, gymnastic dance moves circled by a running Rhythm, who raced around the stage to complete Roni’s array of poses, ribboning through her shapes in a blur of fur.

Israeli-born Roni Sagi and border collie Rhythm performed their masterful dance routine to Sia’s atmospheric cover of Mamas and Papas’ 1965 hit, “California Dreamin’,” even matching their moves to the lyrics: “I’ll be safe and warm” saw Rhythm stand on his hind legs and take Roni in an adorable embrace, before flipping into a precious photo-album pose with Rhythm’s paws placed on kneeling Roni’s shoulders.

Rhythm weaved through Roni’s legs, ran backward in circles, spun like a spinning top, and high-jumped through her arms, all at feral speeds while Roni embodied etherealism through her graceful routine. In a moment that left Simon Cowell literally jaw-dropped, Roni took pigeon-steps backward, crossing her feet, while Rhythm copied her step by delicate step. All the while, Roni and Rhythm’s wholesome bond was crystal clear, glistening with immeasurable levels of trust and companionship.

The duo were met with standing ovations from all four judges. Sofia Vergara called the act “magic” while Simon Cowell, who has a notorious soft spot for dog acts, admitted this was “a level up” from last season’s winners Adrian and Hurricane (no shade implied — Roni and Adrian are actually friends!), sending Roni & Rhythm through to the next stage with four out of four Yes votes.

Professional dog trainer Roni was raised around dogs, telling AGT producers, “When I was growing up, every few months, my mom would find a stray dog [and] bring him in […]. We would take care of him for a couple of months, and then we would find another home for him, so I kind of grew up with dogs around me.”

Her passion for the canine craft is striking — Roni is the founder of a dog training school, Keta Tov Dog Dance School, which runs online courses for both beginners and adept dog dancers across the globe.

Roni only met Rhythm in 2022, but they’ve already placed in the top 10 at the prestigious Open European Championship for Dog Dancing competition in Germany. Now, with over 1.1M YouTube views on their audition to date, the pair are fast becoming fan favorites to win the current season of AGT!

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