The Choir Where All Members Are Robots Sing Beethoven’s ‘Choral’ Symphony

Did you ever think you’d see the day a group of robots would form a choir and start rehearsing Beethoven? Well, if you watch the video below you’ll have finally reached that point in life. This robot choir is called “Mirai Cupsule” and they love to sing.

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Mirai Cupsule are Robots organised by Tomomi Ota and Kansuke Nishida. Mirai translated from Japanese to English means “Future” and all 14 of the robots in this choir are called ‘Pepper’.

Tomomi Ota is in charge of robot application design, piano and vocals. She wants to change the narrative around robots, that they are somehow “scary” and promote the thought that these robots are our friends, which is more how the Japanese culture see these amazing robots. Below is another “Pepper” singing Let It Be by The Beatles.

Hirosuke Nishida is a in charge of the robot app design and the keyboard. He says, “If you would like to play some instrument or play some songs, what would you do? One quick idea came up to my mind was to organize a music unit. So I asked my friend Tomomi to help and try to organize the unit with robots. I think robots will become friends of human, and it is going to be more natural idea to organize this kind of units by human and robot in near future.”

If you want to see more from these incredible robots, check out their official website.

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