Reinhardt Buhr Multi-Talented Live Looping Musician

Reinhardt Buhr is a very talented live looping artist from Cape Town, South Africa. Taking his listeners through a magical world of what Reinhardt describes as “Sacred Orchestral” music, he plays lots of different instruments including an acoustic guitar and an electro cello. Reinhardt uses a sampler and a boss Rc 505 to create his live loops.

The Boss RC 505 is a piece of professional musical equipment designed to allow artists to record up to 5 different tracks at once, 100% live. Using a sampler pad and the Boss RC 505 he creates wonderful live loops. This gives Reinhardt a unique “studio” like sound, whilst still keeping his performances live!

Reinhardt is always busking, sharing his music to the public, showcasing a real passion for his craft on a daily basis. His preferred place to busk, where he almost has a residency, is the Waterfront in Cape Town, South Africa. He has become part of a buskers’ program on The Waterfront in Cape Town.

Reinhardt has been supported by his local community for a mutual benefit as everyone in the area loves hearing his music. Reinhardt says, “They treat everyone with kindness and respect and are truly passionate about the program.”

Hypnotising his audiences with uplifting spiritual sounds, he takes everyone on a journey through his music. Whilst keeping the ears entertained, his performances do not lack visual entertainment. Constantly adding loops using different instruments, he plays guitar, cello, a didgeridoo, sings, and adds percussion.

Building his sound up one instrument at a time creates a full sound, one you wouldn’t typically expect to hear from a solo busker.

Take a look at this wonderful talent and tell us what you think. He went viral on The Music Man Facebook page and I’m sure you’ll see why. Reinhardt says his goal as a human being is to become “the embodiment of love”. He wants to share his music to create healing and happiness throughout those who are listening. Not a bad goal to have :).

Reinhardt’s album called ‘The Final Movement’ was recorded at The Brass Bell in Kalk Bay. Every song featured on the album was recorded in just one take. Any studio musician will tell you how hard it is to record an album, most wouldn’t ever expect to record a song in one take! His unique set up, which utilises samples, allows for a studio-grade product to be created on the fly.

if you want to see more from this looping multi-talented musician subscribe to his YouTube channel or follow him on Facebook.

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