Queen Release A Unheard Freddie Mercury Song Called “Face It Alone”

“Face It Alone” is a previously unheard, deeply emotional, song recorded by British rock band, Queen, featuring Freddie Mercury’s vocals from 1988. The song was recorded during the making of their 1989 album, “The Miracle”, but was never released.

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The song was first played on BBC radio 2 by Ken Bruce on Thursday 13th October, 2022. “Face It Alone” is the first new song release from Queen that features Freddie Mercury in over eight years. The band will also be releasing a eight-disc collector’s edition box set of the album “The Miracle” featuring conversations in the studio, which should be available November 18. Listen to “Face It Alone” below.

Queen drummer, Roger Taylor, announced in June they had found “a little gem from Freddie” that they had forgotten about. He continued, “It’s wonderful, a real discovery. It’s a very passionate piece.”

Brian May, lead guitarist from Queen, described the previously unheard record as “beautiful” and “touching”. He also mentioned that the song was “kind of hiding in plain sight.” He said the recording had been looked at multiple times previously, but was thought to be unsalvageable. He added, “our wonderful engineering team went, ok, we can do this and this. It’s kind of stitching bits together.”

Freddie Mercury fans across the world have been very excited to listen to this golden piece of lost musical history 34 year after it’s recording. Below is another previously unheard track featuring Freddie Mercury’s vocals that was released in 2014.

Talking about “Face it Alone”, Brian May added, “I’m happy that our team were able to find this track. After all these years, it’s great to hear all four of us – yes, Deacy (John Deacon) is there too – working in the studio on a great song idea which never quite got completed… until now.”

In 2014, the band released a number of previously unheard songs that were recorded in the 80s. They shared a “Queen Forever” album featuring remastered and unheard songs “Let Me In Your Heart Again”, “Love Kills” and “There Must Be More To Life Than This”.

Queen were one of the most successful band in history featuring Freddie Mercury, Brian May, Roger Taylor and John Deacon they released hits such as Don’t Stop Me Now, Under Pressure, Somebody To Love, Another One Bites The Dust, We Will Rock You, I Want To Break Free and of course, Bohemian Rhapsody.

Freddie Mercury died aged 45 in 1991, from AIDs-related complications. However, the band continue to tour with Brian May and Roger Taylor featuring Adam Lambert as the lead vocalist.

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