Policeman Steals The Show With Incredible Dance Moves At Festival

During Notting Hill Carnival back in 2017, this footage of a policeman PC Dan Graham became hugely popular after he was seen “throwing shapes on duty in front of the entire crowd. Watch the dancing policeman in the video below – please note, there is some bad language in the video.

PC Dan Graham

Although this video was viewed by millions of people around the world, this wasn’t Dan’s main claim to fame. The dancing officer made an appearance on Britain’s Got Talent and impressed the judges with his upbeat dancing style. Watch his audition in the video below – he ended up reaching the semi finals of the show.

When Dan was asked about his experiences dancing for crowds at festivals or on the national talent show, he said, “It’s different knowing that you’re going on TV live. It’s a very different feeling to being in front of a huge crowd. But they’re definitely both overwhelming – you don’t want to make yourself look silly.”

Dan’s orders on the carnival day was to “engage with the revellers”, however, Dan’s idea of engagement was probably a little different when he spontaneously started dancing. He added, “It was a spur of the moment thing. I was told to go and engage so I took it upon myself to do this,”

If you want to see more from Dan the dancing policeman, you can follow him on Twitter.

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