Nellia And Dietmar Swing Dance Legends Hit 6M Views With Perfect Performance

Nellia and Dietmar Ehrentraut are more than your average Boogie Woogie Lindy-Hoppers.

At the majestic ages of 64 and 70, they are the pinnacle of what dancers should aspire to be. The boogie woogie dancers have been performing together for over 40 years and have competed in some of the most well known dance competitions in the world.

As they have aged, their determination to dance only seems to have emboldened them. They still to-date, embrace the dance they love, showcasing some truly intricate and energetic performances. Watch their Boogie Woogie Rockabilly-Jive in the video below.

Who Are Nellia and Dietmar Ehrentraut?

The Ehrentraut’s passion for dancing Rockabilly or Boogie Woogie as it’s known began in 1989, where they started dancing the niche version of the more commonplace dance of the 1930’s and 1940’s; Lindy-Hop. The Ehrentrauts have been passionate dancers for over 40 years, regularly competing in dance shows throughout the European circuit.

Throughout the years the Austrian couple have achieved wonders across the dancing world, these include winning the top spot with first place in their native Austria’s dance championships and second place in the German championships for their amazing dedication and style, whilst performing energetic and acrobatic feats on the dancefloor.

Nellia and Dietmar profess that one of their most loved trips was to America, where they met the famed dancers of “Rock Around the Clock,” which they said they learned a lot from, and inspired them in their Boogie Woogie dance careers.

Nellia and Dietmar’s dancing hit the global stage with the introduction of YouTube. Their videos widely viewed, left audiences clamouring for more of the veteran jivers. See their amazing kicking and swinging as they entertain the crowds in this performance.

Nellia and Dietmar’s performances always seem to win the crowd over. Their athletic skills and choreography are nothing short of inspiring. As the couple start off in the video, the crowd is transfixed and astounded by the intricate dance routine. The Boogie Woogie is a branch off the swing dance Lindy-Hop, which was primarily danced in the late 1930’s and early 1940’s.

A mix of athletic acrobatics and intricate footwork, it is a high energy dance requiring bags of enthusiasm, energy and accuracy. Couples swing around each other, often relying on their partner to catch them at just the right moment. The fact that the couple have been married for years and dancing for as many would indicate a trust, founded over half a century of dancing as a couple.

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