Michael Buble And Josh Groban Have Epic Sing-Off

Michael Buble and Josh Groban have been two of the biggest names in music for over twenty years. They’re exceptional singers but their styles are very different. That’s why it was so hilarious when Michael Buble surprised fans at one of his concerts with a bombshell.

Michael is known as a legendary jazz singer and has even been dubbed the era’s Frank Sinatra, high praise indeed! He has had a string of hits during his career, including the Sinatra hit Fly Me To The Moon and he is a Christmas music fixture every year. The very idea of his changing to a different type of music is unthinkable.

Ever a comedian and showman, he continued. “Is he kidding, is he serious? I’m serious! I don’t even like jazz to be honest with you,” he quipped. He then compared jazz to a blues band that fell down the stairs. So, what was the new direction Michael was planning for his career? He announced he wanted to begin by kicking Josh Groban’s little butt.”

Gauntlet thrown, he asked the band to play a song appropriate to Josh Groban’s level. What the audience got was Gloria Gaynor’s I Will Survive sung in a very Grobanesque manner. Naturally, the crowd went wild. This amazing rendition and the crowd’s response achieved something miraculous. It made Josh Groban himself appear as if by magic.

He stood behind Michael, watching him from the back of the stage. He looked as if the performance wasn’t entirely to his taste. The crowd cheered and laughed at the unexpected guest and his reactions. Michael, still playing along, continued singing with a look that said he knew Josh was there.

Soon, Josh joined Michael, and they exchanged a hug, clearly the best of friends. Michael suggested they complete the switch and each sing one of the other’s songs. Michael tackled You Raise Me Up, one of Josh’s best-known hits. Although he made jokes, Josh was helpful and gave tips to get Michael’s voice into the operatic range.

Once the song ended Josh gave Fly Me To The Moon his best shot. He nailed Michael’s mannerisms, clicking his fingers and moving his hips. Both singers did a great job with each other’s songs and the audience was thrilled to see these musical legends go toe to toe.

Finally, the songs were done and the guys shared I love you’s. You really need to check out this fabulous performance.

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