A Cappella Choir Imitates IPhone Sound Effects With Frightening Virtuosity

The human voice is an instrument that everyone can play…but obviously some better than others. However, this South Korean choir called “Maytree” have taken their a cappella skills to the next level recreating popular iPhone sounds using only their voices.

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The sounds they recreate are almost perfect to the original! The accuracy and delivery is so good I almost had to make sure my phone alarm wasn’t going off, before remembering I own an android phone, but the point still stands, these guys are vocal maestros!

The choir consists of 5 members, Jang Sang-in, Kang Soo-kyung, Jeon Sung-hyun, Kim Won-jong, and Lim Soo-yeon. They started performing back in 1999 and continue to create music together to this day.

They’re signed to the record label “Voice Entertainment” and have won some prestigious awards for their a cappella style performances.

Their list of achievements includes coming in 3rd place at the International A Cappella Competition in 2009. In 2010 they placed 2nd in the International A Cappella Competition. In 2011, they performed in the Busan Choral International Competition where they won 1st prize of the Popular Music category. In 2013, the choir competed in the Yeosu Choral International Competition placing 1st in Pop & Jazz category and in 2014 World Choir Games where they won 2 Gold Medals of Jazz category and Pop choral category.

The group have also recorded three studio albums to date. Their debut album was called “Maybe” which was released in 2006. Their second release was called “MayTree In Love” translated from (메이트리 인 러브), which was their second full studio album. Their most recent release is an album titled “Back To Me” translated from (그대 내게 다시).

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