Mat & Mym’s Death Defying Acrobatics Routine Earns Golden Buzzer From Stunned Got Talent Judges

Canadian couple Mat and Mym left the judges in awe with their death-defying acrobatics routine on Canada’s Got Talent earlier this year, going home with a very well-deserved golden buzzer! The Quebec duo are engaged, and Mym described their act as “acrobatic roller skating,” while Mat admitted that their performance was “definitely” dangerous. Unbothered by this fact, the pair scaled a platform several meters in the air and began skating, and then Mat picked up Mym and began spinning her around.

Mat’s first move was to spin his fiancée around at high speed, and then the two skated together before Mat picked up Mym for another eye-watering spinning move. With the couple so high up in the air and the moves coming thick and fast, host Lindsay Ell said what many were thinking when she came out with “This is crazy – that’s so dangerous.” The dynamic duo was just getting started though, as you can see in the audition video below.

Next up, Mat raised Mym above his head and went into a high-speed spin where she was held aloft only by his hand. By this point, the crowd was covering their mouths and clutching their chests at the high-stakes nature of the routine. The duo then went to the big finale, where Mat spun Mym around entirely by her hair, like some kind of 21st century Rapunzel, sending the crowd wild. Needless to say, this won the entire room over and the judges were losing it after seeing the next-level routine.

Judge Lilly Singh spoke up first, declaring, “My heart is racing right now!” Trish Stratus echoed this sentiment, saying, “It was absolutely amazing, breathtaking. Thank you for bringing it to our stage.” Singh had gotten her heart palpitations under control by this point and said, “I was truly terrified for you. When we’re talking about risks and going big, this is what we are talking about. That was incredible.” Later in the season, Mat and Mym delivered another spicy routine for their finale.

Kardinal Offishall commented last, saying, “I love things that I don’t expect, I love things that blow me away. This is the million dollar season and we are right at the start of it, but when something is that good, you just know.” The rapper then made his way to the golden buzzer, declared Mat and Mym were going to be the next big thing, and smashed the buzzer.

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