Dutch Gymnastic Dance Act Execute Exhilarating Performance On Britain’s Got Talent

Martin van Bentem and Marielle Constancia are Dutch Gymnastic Dance Duo, who formed in 2011. After just two years of dancing together, the duo entered one of the biggest talent contests in the world, Britain’s Got Talent. They auditioned on Week 4 of the 7th series. With the standing ovation from the judges, they soared into the next round.

Prior to competing in the show, the pair were professional dancers in Holland. Performing on stage was by no means a new experience to them as they glided onto the stage, like naturals. Whilst their first audition in Week 4 incorporates more dancing into their routine, their semi-final audition showcases more of their acrobatic style.

The pair dance to a fast-paced song and their performance follows suit, ensuring that each move follows the beats of the song. The routine consists of lifts, spins, and backbends, as well Marielle wrapping herself around Martin’s body and becoming intertwined. Each move that they make is more dramatic and compelling than the last. The performance leaves you fixated and mesmerised. If you were to look away for even a second, you will have missed a whole minute's worth of their moves.

The routine ends with Martin lifting Marielle high into the air and then placing her back down. They hold hands, step forwards and take a final bow.

The judges are impressed by their routine, Alesha Dixon labelling it as ‘dangerous, thrilling, and exciting’, David Walliams, ‘Fantastic’, and it even impressed hard-to-please judge Simon Cowell, who said that their performance was ‘One of the best things that [he’d seen] on Britain’s Got Talent.’

The pair sparked a contradictory debate, questioning whether non-British citizens should be allowed on the British talent show. The dancers said, “We hope that the British public will embrace us and not focus on where we come from.” Ultimately, at the end of the day, it is their raw talent and ability that sent them flying through the competition.

Despite receiving high praise from the judges, the level of competition got harder and harder and at the end of the semi-finals, the duo were voted out. If you want to keep up to date with these talented dancers, follow them on Instagram.

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