Man Starts Massive Singalong With Park-Goers In London

Picture the scene – it’s a bright, sunny day, you’re walking through a park in London, and you see a man sitting alone on a bench. Suddenly he starts singing a song that you feel as though you recognize, and before you know it you realize that everyone in the park has joined in the singing, belting out the words to the chorus of the song. But although this sounds like something you might see in a Hallmark movie, this exact scene actually occurred in a park in London back in January 2020.

In the footage uploaded by YouTube user Matej Priteržnik, we see a man sitting alone on a park bench, singing some lyrics that sound familiar. It soon becomes apparent that the song is Bon Jovi’s iconic 1986 single ‘Living On A Prayer’, so by the time the man starts singing the chorus it’s no real surprise that everyone else around him has begun to join in. It’s truly a heartwarming moment, and as one user put it, surely resulted in what must have been one of the best days of that man’s life.

The video has since been watched by over three and a half million people, and unsurprisingly has prompted numerous positive, life-affirming comments online. “This might be the closest humanity has gotten to world peace,” suggested one user, while another reminded us that “all it takes is one person to move the masses towards good.” Elsewhere, other users said that the video helped to remind them of the real power that music can hold, a sentiment with which many other viewers will surely agree.

If you were at the British Summertime Festival at Hyde Park in 2017, meanwhile, you might remember that something similar happened on a larger scale. While fans were waiting for the next act, they started an impromptu singalong to Queen’s ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ which was being played over the speakers. Hearing the 100,000-strong crowd singing in unison is a truly spine-tingling experience, with one viewer commenting that the video proves the “immortality” of Queen’s lead singer, Freddie Mercury.

Although such singalongs regularly occur in movies and television shows, it’s arguably pretty rare for them to happen in real life. This makes them all the more meaningful when they actually do happen, however, and it’s unlikely that those people in the park singing Bon Jovi or the huge crowd singing Bohemian Rhapsody at the British Summertime Festival will forget their experiences of such occurrences in a hurry.

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