15-Year-Old Madeleine Brings The Power To The Voice With Evanescence’s “My Immortal”

Taking on the vocal parts of Evanescence frontwoman Amy Lee is no mean feat, but 15-year-old Madeleine did it without breaking a sweat on The Voice Kids Germany. The teen gave her blind audition earlier this year on “My Immortal” and blew the judges away. Judges Álvaro Soler and Wincent Weiss immediately recognized that she was the real deal and turned their chairs before she was even done singing the opening line.

Madeleine has an incredible level of control over her voice, and the dynamic vocals on “My Immortal” were the perfect showcase for her to impress with her audition. The dramatic breakup song is all about the emotions the singer can bring to the performance, and Madeleine really nailed the feeling of the song, which is particularly impressive given her young age. As the teen finished the first verse, Lena Meyer-Landrut turned her chair, followed shortly afterward by the judging duo Michi Beck and Smudo.

Madeleine put her own spin on “My Immortal”, putting less of an emphasis on the classical elements of the vocal and leaning towards a pop and R&B vibe. She also dropped the hard rock ending and focused on the softer, piano-based side of the ballad. Her interpretation was popular with online viewers, who tuned into her cover 1.5 million times since its upload on March 23, 2024.

After her audition, Madeleine revealed that she is from Vienna, Austria. Meyer-Landrut spoke to her first, calling her audition “world class”. Meyer-Landrut, who was visibly blown away by Madeleine’s audition, then predicted that whoever got the teen on their coaching team would win the entire competition. Madeleine clearly specializes in power ballads, as in the finals she performed an impressive rendition of Whitney Houston’s “I Have Nothing”.

After a brief chat, the judges each made their pitches to try and get Madeleine on their team. Soler told the young talent that he was “completely overwhelmed” by her performance, and suggested that they sing a duet together. A slapstick routine then played out as Meyer-Landrut stole Soler’s mic and ran off with it, no doubt hoping to prevent him from locking in Madeleine as part of his team. After a brief chase, Soler eventually recovered his mic and he sang a duet with Madeleine on “My Immortal”. Hearing Soler’s baritone blend with Madeleine’s lead vocal was so beautiful, and was real goosebumps territory, making for the highlight of the whole audition.

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