LeBlanc Children A Musical Family From Canada

A Canadian family uploaded a video to Facebook showcasing their musical talents. Many families have tried sitting down and performing music together, especially during the Coronavirus lockdown, but the LeBlanc family has ended up producing something quite special.

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The LeBlanc family are clearly very musical children. The kids are called Mélodie, who is 9 years and plays the Flute. Rosalie is 11 years old and is playing the Concertina. Last, but definitely not least, is Charlotte the oldest at 12 years old playing the Fiddle. The family’s talents are supported and complemented by their Dad, Robin, on Keyboard.

This is a wonderful music family that has produced an inspiring video during difficult times. Their brilliant performance has started to gain traction on social media being shared around the world.

People are loving the family aspect to the performance and clearly enjoying the musical talents the LeBlanc children, and their father possess.

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