See Why The Judges Call 20-Year-Old Kieran Rhodes A Star After Hit America’s Got Talent Audition

The 20-year-old self-taught pianist, Kieran Rhodes, blew the doors off his America’s Got Talent audition and had the judges declaring he’s a star in the making. The Berklee College of Music student performed his original song “Disengage” for his audition, showing off a deft hand on the piano and a sweet and soft voice that really pulled on the heartstrings.

Rhodes proved himself to be a remarkably mature songwriter despite his young years, and his lyrics on “Disengage” are a touching exploration of romance and mental health. He also understood how to sing the words in a manner that made the audience connect with him in a big way and received a standing ovation from the room for his efforts. The small-town New Yorker gave one of the most popular performances on America’s Got Talent in recent years, attracting 7.8 million views on YouTube.

Terry Crews said it all when he told the audience at home, “I think we just witnessed something super special right now.” Sofia Vergara was the first judge to comment, saying, “I loved it. I could hear you play and sing for hours. I was so happy. You have a huge talent, you have it all.” Howie Mandel gave Rhodes effusive praise, saying, “It was amazing, it was spectacular. I could feel the emotion. I could tell you were nervous, but you are a star.”

Rhodes proved himself to be a humble young man, as you could really see in his responses to the audience and judges that he genuinely appreciated their support and was really taking it to heart. Another popular performance from Rhodes on YouTube is his rendition of “Your Song” live at the Berklee Performance Center, where you get to see him lead a band and string section.

Before his audition, Rhodes admitted that as a self-taught musician, he felt intimidated while studying at the prestigious Berklee College of Music. Simon Cowell really connected with this aspect of his story, and said that in his own early years in the music industry, he was ostracised for not having the same level of education as many others had.
Cowell continued, saying, “I didn’t have the talent you’ve got. You’re a great singer, I really liked your original song, and I really hope this audition can change your life in so many ways.” The judges then took a vote and gave Rhodes four big yes votes.

For more of Kieran Rhodes, a poignant and rising talent on the piano, you can follow his musical journey on Facebook and Instagram. His heartfelt performance style and relatable lyrics make audiences feel connected to him, thereby solidifying his name as one of the most beloved up and coming artists of recent years.

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