Julie Andrews & Christopher Plummer Reminiscence About Iconic Scenes In The Sound Of Music

There are some truly classic movies that just echo down through the ages and connect with all generations. One of those classics is the 1965 blockbuster smash The Sound of Music. The stars of the musical film, Julie Andrews and Christopher Plummer, sat down in 2005 to reminisce about the most iconic scenes of the much-loved film, and the interview is a real corker.

The pair played the leading roles of Maria and Captain Georg von Trapp, and in an inspired choice, they interviewed each other for the 2005 segment, which was included on the 40th-anniversary DVD release for the film. The incredible chemistry they share comes through in the interview, and such chemistry was no doubt important to the runaway success of the film. The segment starts with footage of the pair’s famous garden Ländler dance scene, which still stands the test of time to this day.

Andrews cheekily began the interview by asking if the rumor that Plummer turned up to the initial dance rehearsals in tights was true. This leads to some excellent banter between the pair, after which Plummer admits the tales are true, saying “I thought honestly that was what you were supposed to do. I guess I’d seen too many ballets when I was younger.” The whole interview is great as Andrews really playfully engages with Plummer and gets some fantastic banter out of him.

Fans couldn’t get enough of seeing the two stars back together again and added comments such as, “The interesting thing about seeing Andrews and Plummer together again 40 years after the movie, is that both of them were still such vibrant and beautiful people. They could have made another love story together in 2005, and it would have been as endearing to audiences as ‘The Sound of Music’ was, in its own way.” You can watch the famous scene of Maria and the Captain dancing the Ländler below.

Andrews and Plummer shared their chat on the 40th anniversary of the film, when they were aged 70 and 76 respectively.
The film became pivotal in the careers of both stars. However, as Andrews revealed in her second autobiography, Home Work: A Memoir of My Hollywood Years, she almost turned down the role. She explained that she was concerned about being typecast as a nanny, as The Sound of Music followed not long after her 1964 film debut in Mary Poppins.

“It would be my second nanny role, almost on the heels of the first,” she said. Luckily for her, and all of us viewers, her agent got her to come around on the role.

“Arthur (Park) very much encouraged me to accept the job,” she said. “And I’ll be forever grateful for the nudge over the fence that he and Bob (Wise) gave this nervous and insecure young woman.”

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