Jordan Smith Gives Inspiring Audition On Sia’s “Chandelier”, Clean Sweeps All Four Judges

Jordan Smith gave the judges a big surprise at his audition with Sia’s “Chandelier” on The Voice US, and then got a clean sweep, turning the chairs of all four judges. Smith showcased an amazing vocal range on Sia’s megahit, and hit high note after note that most male vocalists wouldn’t even get within throwing distance of. He shared a silky smooth vocal performance with the room, and just when you thought he’d shown everything, the vocal tour de force just kept getting better and better.

Judge Blake Shelton was visibly impressed from the get-go, and by the time Smith hit the high notes in the first chorus, the country star turned his chair. Pharrell Williams and Gwen Stefani turned their chairs soon after, and Stefani squealed when she turned and got to see the man behind that one-of-a-kind voice. Maroon 5 frontman Adam Levine was the hardest to impress, but once Jordan hit a ludicrously high belt towards the tail end of the song, he turned his chair as well.

After he brought home his audition, Stefani ran onstage to give Smith a hug. The pop star was the first judge to comment, saying, “You do not look like your voice, FYI,” to which Smith said, “I get that a lot.” Williams spoke up next, saying, “That’s the super coolest part about you – all of that individuality standing on stage right now.”

Levine had some warm words for Smith next, saying, “With every person that turned around, you got better. That shows how ready you are for this.” Shelton then gave his pitch to Smith to join his team. The country star then prompted him to pick a coach, and Smith picked Levine without any hesitation. The Maroon 5 singer is the closest vocally to Smith, so perhaps the younger singer had hoped to pick up some of the rock star’s tricks. Later in the series, Smith sang Adele’s “Set Fire to the Rain.”

Smith was born on November 4, 1993, and was 22 years old during his time on The Voice. The Harlan, Kentucky singer had unsuccessfully auditioned for the show previously before eventually turning all four judges’ chairs in his audition in season nine. It seems that picking Levine for his coach was the right choice, as the star guided Smith all the way to winning the season nine competition.

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