Joe Cocker Delivers Blistering Performance Of This Fan Favourite At Legendary German Club

Best known for his gritty voice and powerful, soulful delivery, Joe Cocker’s astounding career as a singer, songwriter, pianist, and harmonica player lasted over 50 years. Born in Sheffield during World War II, after years of grafting as a blues singer, Cocker finally shot to fame in 1968 with his cover of The Beatles track, ‘With A Little Help From My Friends’. He sadly died from lung cancer in 2014, with musicians including Paul McCartney and Bryan Adams paying tribute to him after his passing.

Back in 2002, and around the same time he was invited to perform at the Queen’s Golden Jubilee celebrations, Cocker staged a concert at the Limelight Club in Cologne. The recordings of which have since become legendary among his fan base. One track he performed that night, which was particularly popular with the audience, was ‘Unchain My Heart’. This song was originally recorded by Ray Charles in 1961, but Cocker had released it as a single and the title track of his eleventh studio album in 1987.

Cocker’s performance of ‘Unchain My Heart’ that night was positively blistering, his iconic voice sending the audience into a frenzy as he sang. In fact, accompanied by some extremely accomplished musicians (particularly Mick Milo on keyboards and Derek Dyer on saxophone), Cocker delivered what was possibly one of the greatest performances of the track that he had ever given, with some fans describing how they felt his vocals had somehow improved from when he recorded the track originally.

Another iconic live performance in Cocker’s career came in 2013, when he delivered a spine-tingling 13-minute version of ‘With A Little Help From My Friends’. His vocals alone are enough to make the hairs on your neck stand on end (particularly when you consider the performance took place just one year before his untimely passing), so when you add in the talents of his flawless band and the heartfelt delivery of his two backing vocalists, it becomes an almost transcendental experience.

One of the greatest and most underrated vocalists that Britain has ever produced, Joe Cocker delivered one incredible live performance after another during his time working in the music industry. The moments mentioned above are just two instances in his career where he blew his audience’s expectations out of the water. He was a hugely talented musician and songwriter, and his loss is felt keenly by both his fans and the British music scene in general.

Remember the legendary Joe Cocker for his soul-touching music. Well known for his gritty voice and commanding presence, his music left a lasting mark on the industry. You can relive his incredible performances by subscribing and watching his videos on his YouTube Channel, or follow him on the “Joe Cocker” official Facebook page. Joe Cocker, the timeless musician, will always be remembered.

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