Jadyn Rylee Musical Prodigy From Canada

Let us introduce you to Jadyn Rylee, a young lady from Canada who is only 17 years old but already has 368,000 subscribers to her YouTube channel. Born on February 14th 2006, Jadyn says her parents Colin and Tara told her she began singing when she was just two years old. By the age of three, she had learned Miley Cyrus’ hit song The Climb and her family started to realise that she may have genuine talent.

Alongside YouTube drumming sensation Sina, Jadyn performed a powerful cover of Simon and Garfunkel’s “Sound Of Silence”. Based on the backing of Disturbed’s version of the song, their cover has racked up over 22 millions views on YouTube.

Luckily for Jadyn and her army of fans, her parents took this talent seriously and began looking for a vocal coach. Unfortunately, this task proved more difficult than expected as most schools refused to work with anyone younger than eight. Their persistence paid off, though, and they found Aura Urziceanu, who began working with Jadyn when she was six.

Jadyn worked with Aura for two years to develop her talent before starting to work with a new coach, Sarah Hyde. As Sarah was a performing artist as well as a vocal coach, she could teach both of these aspects to Jadyn.

Jadyn started her YouTube channel in 2015 when she was just nine years old. She performs covers of famous songs, and her combined number of watches across all the videos is over 77 million! This would be an astonishing number for an established artist in their 30s, but it’s an astounding achievement before she even hit 14. Her most popular video is the Sound of Silence, originally recorded by the legendary duo Simon and Garfunkel, which has received 19 million views.

Jadyn is also a Mini Pop Kid. The teen group toured Canada performing in shows, learning choreography and making tv commercials. It’s a lot for such a young lady to handle, but she appears to take it in her stride.

Jadyn is not content to merely perform the work of others, however. She flew down from her home near Toronto to Nashville to work with Curt Ryle, a singer, songwriter, and producer who works for Big Matador records. Together, they crafted Jadyn’s first original album Voice of Change. Jadyn feels a strong urge to help others and has said she feels sad about the bullying that takes place in schools. She wanted to introduce an element of love and support in her music.

Her success story does not stop there. In 2019 she won Female Vocalist of the Year at the Josie Music Awards. She also attended the Canadian Talent and Model Convention and was cast in the movie Flag Day, directed by Sean Penn. She flew out to Cannes for the film festival, where the movie received a four-minute standing ovation. Most fourteen-year-olds are preoccupied with school and boys, so to have achieved all this by this point in her life is a very impressive feat.

As she is so young, Jadyn does not have a boyfriend. However, she is a very beautiful and talented girl, so if she ever finds time in her busy schedule as she gets older, she won’t be short of suitors. Until then, she focuses on her studies, her music and spending time with her family, including her little sister Devyn who makes regular appearances on Jadyn’s social media posts.

With all this work, how much is Jadyn’s net worth? It is estimated at around $500,000! It’s a true marvel that this amazing girl has made half a million pounds from her performances and merchandise and isn’t old enough to drive, drink, or even vote yet. It’s safe to say Jadyn is definitely one to watch. If you want to see more from this awesome young musician subscribe to her YouTube channel or follow her on Facebook.

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