Innocent Masuku Final Performance On BGT 2024 Nessun Dorma

Some viewers of Britain’s Got Talent woke up this morning outraged that opera singer Innocent Masuku didn’t win the competition – especially after he put on this spectacular performance of “Nessun Dorma” on finals night.

Fans had already expressed their discontent when Innocent didn’t receive a Golden Buzzer during his goosebumps-rendering audition. Despite not winning the show, every performance he delivered was an immersive display of vocal power as he converted millions of viewers into fans. Watch his incredible final performance below. Scroll down to watch his previous performances on the show too – his Hanz Zimmer ‘Now We Are Free’ is simply breathtaking.

After a viral audition on Britain’s Got Talent, Innocent Masuku has put in another phenomenal vocal performance on the show – this time a goosebump rendering version of Hans Zimmer’s ‘Now We Are Free’.

The South African vocal powerhouse has already left a mark on TV viewers and instantly became a competition favourite from the first note he sang. His incredible breathing technique, vocal control and ability to project his voice is sure to take him far in this years competition.

When Innocent Masuku auditioned on Britain’s Got Talent 2024, no one on Earth could have predicted the phenomenal energy this South African singer was about to unleash. Innocent’s performance was absolutely exceptional; his rich and marvelous operatic tenor voice gobsmacked the Italian judge Bruno Tonioli from his very first line. However, his audition sparked high levels of controversy among TV viewers, claiming the star was unfairly denied the Golden Buzzer.

From this unlikely figure, an alluring operatic voice flowed and shrouded the audience, held silent in their wonderstruck captivation. Innocent’s song choice was Lucio Dalla’s Italian-language opera hit, “Caruso.” Judging by Bruno’s reaction at the judges’ desk, Innocent’s rendition was absolutely spot on, from his pronunciation to his exquisite tones. Traditional yet astonishing, Innocent embodied the joy and power of opera with stunning, natural ability.

The audience gazed open-mouthed as Bruno peered closer and rose from his seat, arms outstretched, as Innocent’s chorus soared sky-high. After his performance came to a dramatic close, Bruno told Innocent his performance was “very, very special — you are special,” Alesha Dixon said it was “overwhelming,” “divine,” and Amanda Holden claimed Innocent was the best opera singer to have ever appeared in Britain’s Got Talent 17-season history.

Born in South Africa and now living in London, Innocent Masuku was 33 when he auditioned on BGT. This happy-go-lucky character had already won Amanda’s heart the moment he set foot on stage sporting a black and white shirt made by his mother — making it no surprise she joined the judges’ unanimous ‘Yes’ vote, sending Innocent through to the next round of the competition.

After his exceptional audition aired, BGT viewers took to social media to criticize the judges for not awarding Innocent the Golden Buzzer. Controversy had already sparked earlier this season when the judges awarded Sydnie Christmas the Golden Buzzer for her musical theatre performance, despite her having already starred in the West End show, Lazarus. However, digging a little deeper, it turns out Innocent is a pro performer as well, having earned multiple scholarships and awards for his music.

Innocent was a child star in his South African hometown, best known for his character Bobo on the South African TV show, Yizo Yizo. His fame led to a struggle with drug addiction, and there was a significant setback after a viral video from 2022 showed Innocent drinking alcohol and smoking outside on a rocking chair, appearing destitute. It seems Innocent’s BGT audition marked his return to the limelight, now sober and having recovered from the setbacks that almost shattered his reputation in his home country.

Despite the growing dissent against a talent show that fans claim is inherently rigged, Innocent Masuku’s Britain’s Got Talent audition has already garnered nearly 1 million views in just over one day of it being posted on YouTube.

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