Ichika Nito Incredible Guitarist From Japan

Awesome 14 string bass guitar

Novelty guitars can have a great impact on the music world through re-design. Instead of the traditional 6-stringed, wooden acoustic guitar that we see every day, we see recycled oil cans as the base or a completely functional guitar made out of lego.

The more obscure you go, the assumption is that they are less likely to be functional. Yet, Japanese guitarist Ichika Nito demonstrates his immaculate skills on a 14-stringed bass guitar – that’s right, 14 strings! This bespoke instrument was created by 10guitars, who are known for creating custom guitars to suit any guitar lover’s needs.

Music has the ability to push our expectations. Our concept of what is traditional can be completely obscured by new, innovative designs that have the power to excite us and blow our minds. If you are a real guitar fanatic, then you are likely to have come across some weird and whacky guitar designs.

Nito has nearly 2m subscribers on YouTube and over 600k on Instagram. On both platforms, he shares videos of him playing the guitar. His Instagram showcases just how many guitars Nito has as each video tends to display a different instrument.

In the video, Nito sits down, and although his face is not visible, there is a zoomed-in shot of his 14-stringed guitar. Nito plays an original jazz solo and utilises all 14 strings during his performance. He plays the 14 strings with no difficulty and produces a beautiful arrangement.

The video was posted on the 28th Feb 2021 and now has over 10m views. Nito has also posted hundreds of videos, most of which are shorts, of him playing the guitar. Although Nito has played some jazz on his channel, he typically focuses on the math funk genre. Nito has only started posting on YouTube in the past few years, and with the difficulties of the pandemic, he has never had the chance to tour before.

However, this is all about to change. You can catch Nito from anywhere in the world because, in October, his first-ever concert will be livestreamed! Nito will be performing alongside Japanese ballet dancer, Haruo Niyama. To catch this talented guitarist on his livestream, all you have to do is purchase tickets, sit back, relax, and enjoy! If you want to see more from this brilliant guitarist, subscribe to his YouTube channel or follow him on Instagram.

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