Viral Rapper Harry Mack Makes Will Smith Go Crazy In This Insane Freestyle Performance

The film buffs amongst you will no doubt be aware of the recently released ‘Bad Boys: Ride or Die’, the fourth installment in the Bad Boys film series starring Will Smith and Martin Lawrence. You might also know that, as part of the film’s press tour, the two lead actors sat down with freestyle rapper and internet legend Harry Mack, who proceeded to come up with an electrifying five-minute rap off the top of his head based on a handful of random words given to him by Smith and Lawrence.

Starting off by playing a simple hip hop beat out of his phone, Mack proceeded to deliver a freestyle performance that was, quite frankly, mind-blowing, particularly given the crazy assortment of random words Smith and Lawrence gave him (‘money’, ‘Miami’, ‘friendship’, ‘ass’, ‘horses’, and ‘falafel’). Mack even threw in some references to the Bad Boys film, mentioning the names of Smith and Lawrence’s characters and the “albino crocodile” that plays a significant part in the film’s plot.

And whilst it was clear from the beginning that Mack is a huge fan of both actors (particularly Smith, whose work as a rapper prompts Mack to refer to him as “a legend of hip hop”), by the time he has delivered his freestyle rap, it’s Smith and Lawrence who are the ones in awe. “He hit falafel!” shouts Smith with a huge grin on his face, amazed that Mack managed to incorporate the word into his rap, whilst Lawrence looked equally impressed, giving rapturous applause and telling Mack “that was tight”.

It’s not just Smith and Lawrence who are fans of Mack either. One of the most popular videos on his YouTube channel has almost four and a half million views, showing him asking strangers in the street for suggestions of random words, before incorporating them into crazily smooth freestyle raps. “His brain is faster than my Internet connection,” quipped one viewer, referencing Mack’s talent for effortlessly creating fresh flows off the top of his head, while another called him a “legend.”

Harry Mack might make freestyle rapping look effortless, but what he does actually takes a serious amount of skill. Never once does he pause for thought or struggle to incorporate words into his lyrics – rather, he raps as though he’s reciting words he’s prepared in advance and has been practicing over the course of many months. As such, it’s great to see Mack getting the recognition he deserves from celebrities as well as the general public, particularly an incredibly successful rapper like Will Smith, who goes absolutely crazy for Mack’s Bad Boys-themed freestyle rapping.

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