Harry Gardner’s Britain’s Got Talent Audition Left Us In Tears

In the 2017 edition of Britain’s Got Talent, a 16-year-old, Harry Gardner, wowed the judges with a song that was from the heart and truly exceptional. Young Harry was not there to offer a cover of a popular song for the judges. Instead, he had a secret weapon: a fully original song that was dedicated to his nan, who had been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s several years prior. This goes to show what a loving and caring young man Harry is, and how important family can be at any point in life.

Harry was rather scared and nervous before his audition, and it’s no surprise. Performing in front of a crowd as big as those attending Britain’s Got Talent’s auditions must be terrifying. Before this event, Harry had only performed in front of a school assembly. This is quite the upgrade in crowd size and is sure to be daunting! Nevertheless, Harry soldiers on and gives a performance that would be sure to make his nan, and his whole family, proud. Watch his audition here:

While Harry’s voice isn’t quite the sharpest, his lyrics are razor-sharp. His song is a poignant and striking look into how Alzheimer’s can impact people, and how important it is to both remind ourselves of key memories and to keep family close by in tough times. What is clear throughout Harry’s performance is that he has put his heart and soul into the song and that it has been a source of release for him through such a rough time. Regardless of his time on BGT, he is a brave soul.

The judges naturally loved Harry’s song and his honesty, and he was on his way to the Semi-Finals. However, before his next performance, he announced that his nan had sadly passed away. He opted to cover Ed Sheeran’s “Supermarket Flowers” in her honor, which was a heavily emotional moment for the crowd, judges, and Harry himself. He was eliminated in the Semi-Finals but has since released some of his music, including “Invisible Man” in 2021. Listen here:

Through his music, Harry has also helped raise over £12,000 for Alzheimer’s UK, which led to the charity giving him the accolade, Champion of Alzheimer’s Research UK, which is an incredible achievement. People like Harry show us how important it is to look after one another and do what we can to help others whenever possible.

If you were moved by Harry Gardner’s heartfelt performance on Britain’s Got Talent, consider subscribing to his YouTube Channel. From his raw lyrics to his dedication towards his family, Harry showcases his incredible talent and character. Stay updated with fresh content from this gifted musician.

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