Become a Guest Writer For The Music Man

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The Music Man is a unique artist promotional platform. Our website receives thousands of daily views, making it the perfect place for talented artists and interesting music stories to be discovered.

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Your articles will be credited with your name and a link to your website / social media pages. An interesting article could increase your following and help grow your own audience.

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Content must be unique and not already published to, and can’t be published anywhere else publicly. The Music Man can only accept articles that are music-related. Example topics below.

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Article Topic Ideas:

  • Your own band or act.
  • A family or friends band or act.
  • News stories that are music-related.
  • An artist or act you find interesting, inspirational or worth talking about.
  • A notable performance or video.
  • News regarding music events, festivals, or upcoming shows.
  • Anything music related and interesting we would love to publish to our music-loving audience.

Quality Control: Articles will only be accepted if they’re well-written and informative. Submissions with excessive spelling mistakes, inaccurate information, or spam links may result in your article being rejected.

Fill out the form below to get started.

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  • Examples:
    To promote my band or website.
    To grow my following.
    To share a message.