Giddess Chalamanda The Legendary Malawi Musician

This is Giddess Chalamanda, an awesome vocalist from Malawi. Giddess and Namadingo, two Malawi singers recorded a heartwarming performance singing together with piano backing.

Giddes Chalamanda is known as a legend in Malawi. He is most commonly known by the name “Giddes” as a music artist who was born in Chiradzulu in the Southern region of Malawi. In the video below, Giddess is 90 years old, still with a strong singing voice and character in his performance. He sings alongside a brilliant Malawai musician called Namadingo.

Born in 1930 in Malawi, Giddes wrote a song called “Buffalo soldier”. The lyrics spoke about dreaming about having enough money to travel to, and around, America. In 2016 he finally realised his dream with the help of his adoring fans.

Giddess held a concert at the Black Rock Center for the Arts in the “Pulse of Malawi”. The concert was arranged to celebrate the Malawian independence day in Germantown MD. You will see in the video below Giddess sings on stage at 79 years old back in 2011.

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