Pair Of Music-Loving Geese Are Transfixed By A Man Playing The Harmonica For Them In The Park

Music-Loving Geese Transfixed By A Man Playing The Harmonica

This is Luby Liao playing the harmonica to two music-loving geese at Taiwan’s Daan Forest Park in Taipei, Taiwan. Passers-by took a couple of videos of a Luby performing to his very engaged audience.

The two geese are named Qiqi and Fanfan. They seemed completely transfixed by the musicians playing creating quite the special for people in the park that day. Seen in both the videos below gathering around Luby trying to absorb more of his musical skills!

Part 2 – The Goose Whisperer

A regular resident of the park said, “Parks are the place many turn to when we need a break from our concrete forests to enjoy the greenery. And Luby is exactly doing that… his music will encourage many more to visit the park.”

The videos have been picked up by the Taiwanese media and are becoming popular very quickly across social media.
If you are wondering what the songs are that have attracted this goose audience, Luby plays the classic “The Moon Represents My Heart” by Teresa Teng. Teresa Teng is referred to as “Asia’s eternal queen of pop”.

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