Fulu Miziki A Band That Make Garbage Music Which Is Actually Pretty Good

From a dump in the Democratic Republic of Congo in Africa comes a band that really defines the saying “One man’s rubbish is another man’s gold”.

Fulu Miziki, which roughly translates into “music from the garbage”, is the name of a band founded by musical activist Piscko Crane. Members of the band only play instruments that are made from items that have been recycled from the garbage. Piscko said, “I see this bottle and I can see that it will provide a good sound, it’ll give me a good Do Re Mi Fa So La Ti Do. So this will make a good instrument for our music”.

Since 1999 Picko Crane has worked very hard trying to develop a unique genre of music played with recycled items. Now doing what no other band has done before, they’re headlining shows with their ‘garbage music’ and ‘garbage instruments’. They headlined the Nyege Nyege Festival in Kampala, Uganda which promotes outsider music, primarily electronic, by African artists.

With their album soon to be released through the record label “Nyege Nyege”, Picko’s idea for a band with better green credentials than Greta Thunberg is well and truly up and running!

The band mixes the electronic dance genre with obvious influences of traditional African styles whilst promoting a very eco-friendly message, a mix of genre/ideology that hasn’t really been seen before.

Piscko said, “I also want to bring attention to the problem of waste management in this city.” Piscko’s concern when starting the band was that Kinshasa, formerly known as Léopoldville the capital and the largest city of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, is becoming very dirty!

Piscko thought, “How can I bring attention to this problem”. It was then that the idea for a ‘garbage band’ was born.

Fulu Miziki is very creative musically with a wonderful idea behind it. They’re certainly making some very interesting music, with sounds that can’t be replicated by any electronic synth or factory-made instrument.

If you want to see more from this awesome group of musical activists follow their Facebook page or subscribe to their YouTube channel for more videos.

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