Face2Face A Fantastic Accordion Playing Duo

Face2Face is a duo consisting of two accordion players called Paweł Janas & Bartosz Kołsut. They create unique cover songs of popular music with engaging visuals, which they upload to social media.

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The duo have a brilliant stage presence and create a fantastic live act. They manage to get the most out of their instruments, creating a very “big” sound with only two band members. They have a list of achievements winning awards in multiple different countries including Poland, Italy, Spain, Germany, Great Britain, and France to name a few.

The duo have travelled the world showcasing their brilliant music playing festivals in most European countries, the USA, Canada, and even China. Their success comes from their innate ability to recreate the accordion sound, an instrument not many associate with modern music.

The duo don’t just cover conventional chart music though, below is a brilliant composition of the Harry Potter theme song, which has never sounded so good when played using accordions!

Bartosz Kołsut says he is an emotional player, a musician that feels every note in every piece he plays. He was a finalist in the Eurovision Young Musicians contest in Cologne, Germany, where he garnered the title “Młody Muzyk Roku” which translates to “Young Musician Of The Year”.

The other half of Face2Face is Paweł Janas, who is a multi-talented musician and composer who can mix a multitude of genres and styles including classical, contemporary, electronic and improvised music. He won the Digital Accordion World Championship in Italy playing the Roland V-Accordion. He is also the only accordion player to ever perform accompanied by the Warsaw National Philharmonic Orchestra.

If you would like to see more from this duo of talented accordion players, subscribe to their YouTube channel or follow their Facebook page.

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