Ellen Alaverydan Bass Guitar Prodigy From Nevada

Who Is Ellen Alaverdyan?

Ellen Alaverdyan is a nine-year-old bass player from Las Vegas, Nevada. Ellen has only been playing the bass for one year, yet her impressive riffs show talent way beyond her years.

According to Ellen’s father, Ellen has been musical from a young age. She has also tried instruments such as the ukelele, piano, and drums, although she never quite found her passion for them.

Ellen’s father, who is predominantly a guitarist, allowed Ellen to play his bass, and she has fallen in love with it ever since. Ellen’s father has also assisted her in learning the bass and has guided her with what to play.

When asked in an interview about her musical background, Ellen stated that she didn’t just learn an instrument, but she was born into music. Her father played the acoustic guitar to her when she was a baby and has continued to share their joint passion for music.

Ellen’s father posted some videos of her to Instagram, showing off her talent, which received a great deal of applause, especially from the likes of the Yousician producer. Ellen has learnt how to play the bass through the Yousician app, by teaching her a range of different songs that she can play along to. Yousician’s staff saw Ellen’s talent and collaborated, creating her a bespoke song called ‘Ellen’s Groove.’

Ellen now has a YouTube channel, EllenPlaysBass, where she shares covers of songs that she has learnt on the bass. From The Beatles to Black Sabbath, Ellen has her own unique style and isn’t afraid to share it with the world.

Ellen’s musical journey has transcended from primarily performing rock and metal covers to recording an original song, ‘Don’t Stop The Music’, which she plays alongside her father.

This video shows nine-year-old Ellen rocking out to their own song, dancing, and smiling. Halfway through the song, Ellen chimes in with the vocals. The end of the video focuses on her laughing and shows her pure enjoyment of music and her connection with her father. Musical influences can pass down from person to person and often brings some unlikely people together.

If you want to watch more from Ellen subscribe to her YouTube channel or follow her on Facebook page.

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