Dylan Elise A Drumming Sensation From Wellington

In order to be a talented musician, sometimes all you need is to practice every day, and eventually, you’ll succeed. Sometimes, though, you’re naturally graced with incredible musical ability. Dylan Elise is one of those lucky few.

He started playing the drums when he was only six years old and became good enough to perform with local bands within a very short time. He began appearing on television by the time he was eleven! To fully appreciate his talent, check out this video of him playing a drum solo live.

He recorded the video in his home town, Wellington, New Zealand, at a street party. When the video starts, he’s already got a big crowd around him, and everyone is moving to the beat; it seems infectious. As he plays, people in the crowd salute him and seem transfixed by his playing. By the end, Dylan’s hands almost seem to blur, he crosses and uncrosses them, and his playing is so complex it’s mind-boggling.

YouTube seems to love this performance too. It has received 11 million views and 61,000 likes. Experienced drummers in the comments gush about the quality of his playing:”I am a drummer, born in the 70s. I have honestly never seen any drummer as good as this man. ”

“That was one of the most amazing drum solos I’ve ever seen and heard. And I’m 56 and have been playing the drums for over 40 years and I know what greatness is!!! You’re it!”

If you haven’t heard of him, Dylan was born in Wellington in 1990. He entered and won the New Zealand National Drum Wars competition at just thirteen. Believe it or not, he won the adult category! It’s a pretty incredible achievement for someone who was barely a teenager at the time.

If you need further evidence of his talent, Dylan has been holding drum clinics across New Zealand to help others improve their drumming. He has done this since 2003, when he was only thirteen. It’s amazing to think of a thirteen-year-old drummer teaching adults, but it illustrates just how talented he is.

In 2006, famous drummer Tommy Igoe asked him to open for him on his tour of New Zealand. It’s quite the accolade. Following the tour, he continued to travel the world, performing and holding more clinics. Even though he was still young, he visited Australia, Canada, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Germany, Norway, Mexico, Slovakia and Switzerland.

In 2015, he moved to the US and joined the jazz-rock group Blood, Sweat and Tears. Since then, he has toured with the band, appearing in over 250 shows worldwide. He must have racked up a lot of stamps for his passport!

He is still a current member of the band, but Dylan has also not forgotten his roots. In 2017 he created a jazz fusion album named ReAmped. He collaborated with New Zealand musicians Nick Granville & Ben Shepherd. With such exceptional talent there must surely be a lot more amazing performances to come. Watch this space. If you want to see more from this talented young drummer, you can subscribe to him on YouTube channel.

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