Drew Dunbar Plays Jimi Hendrix’s Hey Joe On The Street

Drew Dunbar a Gifted Street Musician

On a Youtube channel set up by a Raul Diego, Drew Dunbar appeared with a viral video of ‘Hey Joe’ by Jimmi Hendrix. Raul is a photo blogger, writer and editor of media based content. Using his Youtube channel he uploaded a video recorded in Nevada, Las Vegas of this wonderful Jimmi Hendrix cover.

Drew is an exceptionally gifted musician, the mind boggles as to why he is playing on the streets? He is one of those musicians who is all about the music. He allowed Raul to video his performance without any resistance.

Raul used this video on his Youtube channel and made some money from the advertising revenue. He wanted to make sure Drew received his fair share and went in search of Drew. Raul captioned the video on YouTube, “Direct from Las Vegas, Drew Dunbar is an exceptionally talented street musician who was gracious enough to let me film him on the strip doing this great acoustic cover of Hendrix’s classic tune. I have an original track by this man, which I want to release on YouTube, but would like to locate him first so he can make some money with it. If you happen to be in Las Vegas area and you run into him on one of the walkways, let him know about this channel and write me at ([email protected]).”

Another exceptional talent playing on the streets. Raul did a fantastic job of recording this brilliant performance on the street. The background sound of the city adds to the raw feel of the song and compliments Drew’s voice. Some commenters on YouTube said this was their favourite version of this song and they come back frequently to listen it to again. It’s no surprise the video has now racked up over 3.4 million view, just on YouTube.

Here is Drew Dunbar performing the great Jimi Hendrix’s masterpiece ‘Hey Joe’ on the streets of Las Vegas, USA. With a talent like his it’s difficult to understand why we haven’t heard more of this very talented guy. No microphone/backing, just raw talent.

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