Dr Funk A Brilliant Bass Guitarist In Newquay

Jonny Rubin, aka Dr Funk, is an amazing bass guitarist with a twist. Californian born, but now residing in Newquay, Cornwall, Dr Funk plays the bass guitar whilst using a loop pedal to add additional layers to his music.

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Dr Funk’s motto is “it’s all about having a good time, all the time”, and this is reflected in the tone and beat of his songs. He is an incredible musician and completely deserving of his stage name “Dr Funk”. The video below is one of the funkiest basslines you’ll ever hear, played 100% live on the streets.

He is a big surfer and spends a considerable amount of time by the sea which heavily influences his music. Dr Funk has been playing the bass guitar since the age of 12 years old and his music is influenced by the likes of Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Louis Johnson, and Marcus Miller.

At the age of just 14 years old, he started out in a jazz band called ‘The Big Sets’ which is where he acquired the name ‘Dr Funk’. This gave him a deep love for jazz and blues, and you will find this style layered into all of his music. Now his big dream is to become a lead bass player in a big band.

The video below is Dr Funk playing “Papa Was a Rollin’ Stone” on the bass guitar. His technique is flawless and definitely one of the best bass players we’ve come across at The Music Man.

His latest 14 track album is called ‘Fill the Funk Flask’ which includes his interpretations of some well-known songs such as Get Lucky by Daft Punk and Superstition by Stevie Wonder, as well as 4 of his own songs.

Dr Funk has gone viral on social media over recent months. We are loving the eclectic mix of jazz, blues, and funk and cannot wait to see more. Jonny has got an album out which you can buy through his website. The album is called “Fill the Funk Flask”. Available here: Go To Dr Funk’s Website.

If you want to see more from this very special talent check out his YouTube Channel or his Facebook Page and subscribe or follow him for more great bass guitar videos! Also, these videos were filmed by Dr Funk’s promotional/management team. Click to check out Marky Sparky Promotion’s Facebook page.

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