David Bowie’s Legendary “Heroes” Live In Berlin Shows Why He’s A National Treasure

The late, great David Bowie, in addition to penning many classic songs, displayed the ability to put on countless cracking live shows over the years. The legendary British singer was in a real purple patch when he played his 1977 hit “Heroes” in Berlin on his 2002 Heathen Tour. Bowie displayed all the goods at the show, showing off charisma, a magnetic presence, and of course, that iconic voice.

The frontman is aptly supported by a crack band who delivers a grooving rendition of one of his all-time classic songs. Bowie has made many great performances of the uplifting anthem over the years, but something about this Berlin performance keeps fans coming back again and again. As a result, the video has racked up 208 million views, making it by far the most popular performance of “Heroes” on YouTube.

Bowie was taken too soon from us on January 10, 2016, at age 69, in an event that feels like just yesterday for many fans. Fans flocked to the video to celebrate the great man’s achievements, adding comments such as “The closing minute of this song is David at his best, singing his heart out and feeling every moment” and “I have probably watched this video 100 times and it never fails to feel like one of the most sincere and heartfelt performances of all time. RIP dear David, you ARE a hero.”

In addition to supporting his recently released Heathen album, the Heathen Tour was largely a throwback to Bowie’s Berlin Trilogy. The singer performed his classic 1977 album Low in its entirety on the tour. “Heroes”, which was released the same year on his album of the same name, also made the cut for the setlist, and no doubt fans were chuffed about that inclusion. Another popular performance from Bowie is his live cut of “Space Oddity” at the Marquee Club in London in October 1973.

Bowie released the Heroes album on October 14, 1977, as his 12th studio album. The album is the second installment of his Berlin trilogy, which began with 1977’s Low and concluded with 1979’s Lodger.
All three albums were produced by Bowie and Tony Visconti, and Heroes featured much of the same personnel as the Low sessions.
“Heroes” was the lead single from the album of the same name, and the anthem has become one of Bowie’s most enduring songs. It’s currently his third most streamed song on Spotify, with 495 million streams.

If you are captivated by the breathtaking performance and the timeless brilliance of David Bowie, you can explore more of his work on his official YouTube channel here. Join his vast community of loyal fans and engage in their intriguing discussions on his official Facebook page here. Get a sneak peek into the life of the legendary figure and fortify your admiration for his incredible legacy.

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