David Bowie’s Final “Life On Mars?” Performance Was Beautiful

The late, great musical legend David Bowie performed one of his last sets of songs in 2005, as part of a charity concert. The event in question was the Fashion Rocks show at New York’s Radio City Music Hall, with Alicia Keys introducing Bowie to perform an intimate version of “Life On Mars?” Following his heart attack in 2004, Bowie performed less frequently and took a back seat to support his health. The performance below is one of several final performances that Bowie held.

With an elegant suit and an intimate backdrop, Bowie delivered a striking performance. While it is difficult to see such an eccentric and otherwise energetic artist struggle with his health, it does show one true aspect of Bowie that was consistent throughout his life: his dedication to both art and his audience. With people lovingly cheering him on in the crowd, he gave a stellar performance that would help to remember the legendary artistic icon that was David Bowie. Watch the video below:

In the comments section of this video, there is nothing but an outpouring of love for David Bowie and an appreciation for the impact that he had on countless people’s lives. Among them are comments that, despite his health struggles, he still soldiered through and gave his performances every ounce of energy that he had, and loved every second of it.

David Bowie was an artist who needed little introduction. His flamboyant, thoughtful music captivated the hearts and minds of millions across the length of his impressive career, which spanned over four decades. Despite earlier failures and difficulties getting onto the professional ladder, on the 11th of July 1969, that all changed when one of his biggest hits, “Space Oddity”, was released. This song would help cement Bowie as one of the most unique and inspiring artists of all time. Listen below:

Sadly, David Bowie passed away from liver cancer in January 2016, which shocked the world and inspired people to set up impromptu shrines in his honor. Despite being diagnosed a year and a half earlier, Bowie kept his illness a secret and instead bestowed one final gift to the world: his final record, Blackstar. Two days after its release, Bowie passed away. Instead of a funeral being held, Bowie decided to be cremated and have his ashes scattered in a Buddhist ceremony in Indonesia.

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