Dad And Daughters Shuffle Dance In A Wonderful Family Moment

Dad And Daughters Shuffle Dance

Families often search for new activities to get involved in with the aim to help bring their family closer together. This wonderful video showcases what one smooth-moving father did to engage his young daughters into the world of shuffle dancing.

Moving together in complete harmony, this must have taken quite a few hours of practice to perfect – great bonding time for this father and his daughters! However, he is not the first father in China to use this style of dancing to connect with the younger generation.

In the video below you can see a grandfather shuffle dancing with his two grandchildren in the middle of a public street. We’re not sure where this video emerged from, however, it has been shared all across the internet and has gone viral on multiple social media platforms.

A Chinese school principal believes that shuffle dancing with his students is a great way to keep them active throughout the school week. In the Shanxi province of China, the principal of Xi Guan Primary School has taken an innovative approach to keep his students active during their school day. His name is Zhang Pengfei, and he became concerned after seeing his students spending many hours on their phones, computers, and tablets.

Zhang taught himself to shuffle dance and believed he could help his students “exercise more” using the dance, so he started teaching them during their break times. Watch Zhang and his students keeping fit in the video below.

This is a wonderful dance to watch and it’s also a very enjoyable style to learn. If you have some free time and want to start learning how to shuffle dance there are loads of helpful tutorials on YouTube. Who knows, maybe it’s something that could bring you closer with your family members and friends.

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