The Best And Most Creative Musical Machines

We’ve seen talented artists from all over the world, playing innovative instruments such as guitars made from frying pans and drums made of bamboo. Below are two awesome musical machines that are sure to make you scratch you head and wonder “how”.

This first video is an electric toy train with beaters attached to it. Glass bottles have been placed around the track, as the train goes past the bottles, the beaters hit the bottles making a sound. Each bottle is tuned to a different note (probably by filling them with varying levels of water). After lots of time and careful placement of the bottles, the train goes around the track and as it hits the bottles, it makes a tune. We’re not sure who the people are who set up this brilliant drumming train (if you know please tell us in the comments below).

This second video is perhaps the greatest musical machine ever created. This is Wintergatan with their incredible marble music machine.

the video below shows you the first version of this incredible machine. The creator of the machine, Martin Molin, is working on a second version, made from metal. You can read and watch more about Wintergatan by clicking here.

The robots are starting to create music, although they’re still heavy reliant on humans for their musical talents.

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