Citizen Queen A Capella Quintet Based In Los Angeles

Citizen Queen is an all-female American a cappella quintet based in Los Angeles, USA. Despite coming from different backgrounds and walks of life, this quintet bonds together over their main goal – authenticity and portraying a story.

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Cora Isabel is newly 21 years old, grew up in Missouri, USA, and is Citizen Queen’s vocal percussionist. She began singing in her church and partaking in local theatre productions, and not long after did she find her passion for beatboxing. Studying various genres of music and dance enabled her to experiment and fuse different styles together. She was accepted into A Cappella Academy, trained under beatbox legend, ‘KRYNFX’, and eventually joined Citizen Queen in 2018.

Nina Nelson is 23 years old, born in California, USA, and is Citizen Queen’s soprano. As well as being a pop singer, Nina has also dabbled in acting, making a guest-star appearance in an episode of One Day at a Time and NCIS: Los Angeles. Whilst studying at the University of Southern California, Nelson was accepted into SoCal Vocals, the university’s oldest a cappella group, which formed in 1996.

Hannah Mrozak is 23 years old, born in Wisconsin, USA, and is Citizen Queen’s Mezzo-soprano. Mrozak began singing at the age of 6 and continued to grow and develop her own unique style throughout her childhood. In 2017, Mzrozak auditioned for NBC’s The Voice, covering Hailee Steinfeld’s ‘Starving.’ Quickly noticing her talent, she received 3 chair turns and was chosen by Adam Levine. Later, she was stolen by Jennifer Hudson but was then eliminated in The Playoffs. Shortly after, in 2018, she joined Citizen Queen.

Kaylah Sharve’ is 23 years old and was born in Louisiana, USA. Sharve’ grew up singing in church, alongside modelling and acting from the age of 8. She performed in an amateur production in 2014 at New York’s Apollo Theatre and won the ‘Child Stars of Tomorrow’ prize, became Miss Black American Teen in 2015, and starred in A Bite Between Sisters (2016) and The Affair (2018). Like Nelson, she became a member of the SoCal VoCals at the University of Southern California.

Kaedi Dalley is 21 years old, born in New York, USA, and is Citizen Queen’s bass singer. She grew up singing in school and church choirs and later posted singing videos to her Instagram account, covering the likes of Beyoncé. She went to Chapman University in Orange, California and was accepted into A Capella Academy for three years.

Drawing inspiration from their life experiences, each member of Citizen Queen brings a fresh perspective to classics, like their rendition of ‘Killing Me Softly.’

From their outfit choices to their vocals, it is evident that Citizen Queen are not afraid to express themselves. The song begins with Nina, Hannah and Kayla diving straight into the vocals, followed shortly by Cora beatboxing and Kaedi singing in her authentic, soulful tone. The other girls continue the backing whilst Kayla takes the next lead and sings angelically, and finish the song harmoniously.

The group shot to fame when their YouTube video, ‘Evolutions of Girl Groups’, went viral. One month after posting, they reached over 4M views, and in 2022, they now have 23M. Covering hits from popular girl bands from The Chordettes to Fifth Harmony, they highlight the greats from the industry and express female empowerment.

If you want to listen to more of Citizen Queen, check out their originals, ‘Call Me Queen’, ‘No Ego’ and ‘Don’t Call Me Angel’. Learn more about this article YouTube channel and Facebook page.

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