Bri’Anna Harper & Uncle Incredible Soulful Singers

This young lady and her uncle, Joseph ‘JoJo’ Clarke have some serious talent. They usually record their own videos and upload them to their social media accounts, but recently, they decided to do a duet together and the result was amazing!

It seems Bri’Anna comes from a family of brilliant vocalists. Both her mother and her uncle are also soul singers. Bri’Anna’s uncle, called Joseph, is an exceptional singer with extremely powerful and controlled vocals. Their recent duet has gone viral. In the video they sing a very soulful and slightly epic live cover version of “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough”.

Learn more about Bri’Anna’s uncle Joseph ‘JoJo’ Clarke by clicking here.

Bri’Anna went to school at Grassfield Elementary in Chesapeake, Virginia, US. At just the age of 10, she was already experiencing success in her musical career after the video below went viral. She sings completely a capella on her front porch.

After this video hit the screens of millions of people around the world, Bri’Anna was invited by talk show host Ellen DeGeneres to appear on “The Ellen Show” where she did a live performance of Jackson 5’s “Who’s Lovin’ You”. The audience on the day were completely blown away by her performance and how charming she was in her interview.

The video below is of Bri’Anna on “The Ellen Show” being interviewed before she performs to the live studio audience.

After being on national TV Bri’anna said,“It was like, is this really happening? I kept thinking, ‘This is something I wanted to do and now I’m actually here doing what I want to do.'”

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