Teen Performs Uncanny Michael Jackson Tribute In Front Of Entire High School At Talent Show

This is the sensational story of a teenager who performed his Michael Jackson routine in front of his entire high school during a talent show.

Brett Nichols had no idea that his performance in front of his high school peers would become so popular it would be the starting point for his “King of Pop” tribute act – which some consider being the best in the world! After his first high school performance went viral, Brett returned to perform his magical moves once more.

About Brett Nichols

This brilliant Michael Jackson tribute act is called “Brett Nichols” seen in the video above performing his slick moves at the 2017-2020 hoops coming rally. The guy absolutely nails all the moves from the king of pop including the famous moonwalk towards the end of the video. Although Michael Jackson didn’t invent the moonwalk, his performance in Billie Jean was a huge contributor to its popularity today.

Brett’s Original Performance

In the video below you can see the performance that kick-started his ambitions to become one of the best Michael Jackson tribute acts on the planet.


The Pitman High School student became an internet sensation after a video of his first high school performance went viral on YouTube. Since then he has appeared in multiple different high-profile TV shows and events, including on ABC’s “The View”.

Brett was known as a “Shy Teenager” who discovered his passion for dancing during his high school years. During an interview, Brett said that he received incredible support from his peers, and his performance at the high school was just as much for them as it was for him.

Credits and learn more

Brett continues to provide an uncanny tribute act for events and shows and he now boasts multiple viral videos across many different social media platforms. You can see more from this brilliant dancer by following him on Instagram or Facebook or subscribe to his YouTube channel.

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