Australia’s BRENT STREET Dance Troupe WINS Howie Mandel’s Golden Buzzer On America’s Got Talent 2024!

When 17-year-old Zach inconspicuously introduced his dance troupe “Brent Street” on America’s Got Talent 2024, the judges couldn’t have predicted how spectacular this theatrical audition was about to get!

The AGT stage went pitch-black, spooking the audience before Zach was spotlighted in the center, suspended in a stage-length horizontal black sheet with only his torso above the waters. Then, a beautifully disturbing myriad of hands reached through the sheet in a strange illusion of dance and detachment, before the sheet dropped and revealed a host of white-clad dancers, luminescent and vivid against the midnight stage.

Brent Street’s hyper-modern dance routine mixed gymnastics, interpretive dance, and martial arts, with all moves serving military precision, show-stopping synchronization, and an unworldly edge. Their song choice was just as original: rap track “Hope” by NF blasted the audience with its unapologetically ominous and powerful beats, conjuring an out-of-body experience for all witnesses.

Even show host Terry Crews looked out of breath simply watching their high-energy performance from the sidelines. Judge Sofia Vergara called Brent Street’s audition “the coolest thing I’ve seen today” while Simon Cowell commented, “Apart from what they were doing with their bodies, it’s what they were doing with their brains! This was such a really well thought out, creative, original [performance]… Even though there were a lot of you, it was almost like it was just one.”

In a shock move, Howie Mandel disappeared from the judges’ panel and, with the audience chanting his name, appeared kneeling between Sofia and Heidi Klum’s chairs, smashing the Golden Buzzer in a hilarious, emotional moment — sending Brent Street straight through to the live shows.

The Sydney-based dance company, Brent Street, has earned the name “Australia’s Home of Performing Arts.” For over 35 years, Brent Street has been training students aged 2 to 18+ in contemporary dance, musical theatre, and acting using their signature methods, calling their studios “an energy hub of artistry, greatness, and success.”

Their exceptional spread of classes ranges from recreational fun for preschoolers to full-time courses and elite training lessons intended to turn older students into fully-fledged working professionals across the arts.

Even more uniquely, Brent Street forms the epicenter of “Dance Life,” an Amazon Prime show which follows students through the ups and downs of their final year at Australia’s most elite dance studio. The dance company’s already snatched the imagination of social media, with 136K+ followers on Instagram and 19K YouTube subscribers.

If you would like to see more from Brent Street, you can subscribe to their YouTube Channel, follow them on Facebook and Instagram, or visit their Website.

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