Punk Rocker Hears Boogie Woogie For The First Time

Punk Rocker Hears Brandan And Terry Playing Boogie Woogie

Brendan Kavanagh and Terry Miles are known for their exceptional piano playing skills. They record videos, usually using public pianos, for their popular YouTube channels most of which including a style of music called “Boogie Woogie”.

The upbeat piano playing maestros happened to be in the same place at the same time recording one of their brilliant YouTube videos. When Brandan spots Terry playing, he couldn’t resist popping over, joining in and showing a loitering punk rocker near the public piano what boogie woogie music is all about.

About Brendan Kavanagh

Brendan Kavanagh is a piano and piano accordion player from London of Irish descent. He works as a piano teacher and performer and runs a very popular channel on Youtube with more than 1.2 million followers. If you want to know more about this exceptional pianist, read more about Brendan Kavanagh here.

About Terry Miles

Terry Miles (Terence Andrew Miles) is a pianist and songwriter from England who specilises in boogie-woogie piano. He has played in multiple different bands throughout his musical career and has also been a session musician, a solo artist but now his YouTube channel is his main musical outlet. If you want to know more about Terry, read more about Terry Miles here.

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