Bloom Pictures Create An Orchestra Of Woodland Creatures

An Orchestra Of Woodland Creatures

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to walk into the forest on a dark night, and suddenly find yourself faced with the animal inhabitants of the wood singing an opera classic?

Well, look no further. You can watch the video below, created by Bloom Pictures and directed by Illogic. This video is sure to capture the imagination of both adults and children as these lifelike animations perform some powerful classical music in the woods!

About This Animation

The masters of animation over at Bloom Pictures have created a truly charming and masterful animation of your favourite woodland creatures singing their little hearts out to sing Bellini’s opera “Norma.” The animation has garnered a staggering 2.7 million views on YouTube.

It is comforting to know that an animation team have put such care and consideration into creating a short film, reflective of the dramatic operatic style and setting. Bloom have also created another short film, not so much musically based, but more centred around a dark mystery, with a comedic styling. It features our friends, the frogs and toads, inside an opulent mansion having a ball whilst the camera angle shows the scenes of what looks like a shootout, however, PLEASE be mindful it does contain a gruesome section at the back end of the video which isn’t suitable for children.

The first video features a blue jay, kicking things off with the awe-inspiring solo chorus section of the opera, ‘Squilla il bronzo del dio, Guerra Guerra.’ The little bird flings its wings out as it performs, showing the passionate arm gesticulations common with performances in the opera. A red squirrel watches on with intent focus before turning on its rock to face the forest. The squirrel, conductor’s baton in hand begins conducting. It’s joined by a host of loveable animals including tortoises, hedgehogs, toads, frogs and even fish as they go on to sing the chorus section. The piece ends with a dramatic drop of the arms from the squirrel, to which the animals slowly disappear back in the forest.

The piece is a truly heart-warming ode to the classic Bellini piece, and the animation would rival that of a Hollywood movie. You can tell that there has been a considerable amount of time put into the short CGI piece, it pays attention to the intricate details such as the movement of the critters, facial expressions and backdrop of the scene. Below you can see how much effort and attention to detailed was required to create this video.
It’s amazing to watch and will leave you smiling at the genius of it. In the opera the characters are preparing for a revolution, which is perfectly portrayed in the video. The animals come with an intensity when performing, belying their usual meek personalities as the animals we know and love.

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