Bizimkiler An Awesome Alternative Music Orchestra

The awesome sounds you are listening to are produced by Bizimkilar Orchestra. Bizimkilar is a musical project from Azerbaijan featuring top local musicians playing globally known songs.

Pop, rock, blues and jazz are all part of the genres this great musical project cover. The reason why this musical project was so different and interesting is that it involved a group of very serious and talented musicians, which wouldn’t normally cover “pop music”. Music is so versatile, creative and mouldable, that when these fantastic musicians came together to perform these songs, that we all know and love, they created something quite special.

The musicians would perform songs every day in the lead up to the Azerbaijan Eurovision final. One song was played at intervals throughout each day. The project was born from the ideas of a man called Seyfulla Mustafayev. It was his imaginative response to the arrival of Eurovision in Azerbaijan. Seyfulla Mustafayev explained his reasoning:

“It would not have been appropriate before. Everyone knows our ethnic music but Eurovision created a new resonance. I wanted to show our guests from different parts of Europe that our victory in Eurovision [in 2011] was no accident; music has deep roots here. I also wanted to give international music to Azerbaijanis in the language of their own instruments.

The below video is the projects performance of Sting’s “English Man In New York”.

The word Bizimkiler has been used in a Turkish drama which represented the lives of people in the same neighborhood. The word translates to “our” or “our people” which is why it is fitting for this project.

If you want to see all the videos form this great musical project go to this link (A google search results page) and look at the videos section.

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