The Royal Marines Corps Of Drums And Top Secret Drum Corps Battle It Out On Stage

To give some context to the video below – who are these drumming groups?

Top Secret Drum Corps is a drumming group based in Basel, Switzerland, that consists of 25 drummers. They became popular after becoming one of the first non-military acts to perform at Edinburgh Castle. Top Secret Drum Corps are the first group performing in the video wearing black.

Her Majesty’s Royal Marines Corps of Drums are the second group to play, wearing red. Historically, on the battlefield, drummers were deployed into the army to act as signallers. However, now, their role is very entertaining and unbelievably skillful. The longer you watch these drummers perform the more intensely intricate their performance becomes.

Who Do You Think Won The Battle? Learn And Watch More Below.

About The Drumming Corps

The major historical distinction between a military band and a corps of drums, was that ‘drummers’ were not employed to play their instruments to entertain or delight, but rather they carried out a utilitarian battlefield role.

This drum battle took place at the Royal Albert Hall in London. The two extremely talented and very well-practiced bands battled it out on stage for our amusement at the Mountbatten Festival of Music 2017.

The Top Secret Drum Corps had their rise to fame after they performed at the Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo in 2003 showcasing a very demanding six-minute routine. Because of this performance, the group became one of the first non-military, non-British Commonwealth acts to perform on the Esplanade at Edinburgh Castle. Their performance became very popular in many different countries and has landed them with many more high-profile performances since.

Watch The Whole Concert In The Video Below.

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